IPTV Trial Paid or Free ?

We offer 2 different trial versions for our customers

Free IPTV Trial :

we have a free trial version with the same packages and channels as the paid version. The only difference is that the server is public and we cannot guarantee that it will work if there are a large number of users testing it at the moment, which is due to the nature of iptv, if the server is used by many people there will always be some problems with the channels and speed.
The main reason we have the free server is just to check the channel catalogue and the movie and TV series section and not to test the quality or speed of the server.


Paid IPTV Trial :

The paid server is dedicated to one user only to check the quality and speed of the server. It is also equipped with all channels, films and TV series.

Free IPTV Trial


(🐌 Slow Server)
Ready within (depends on users volume)
Paid IPTV Trial 24 hours


(⚡ Fast Server)
Ready within 1-3mins